January 15, 2013

Fix Subclipse setup in RAD 7.0

My RAD subclipse setup was broken. I had to work on that computer, wokrpsace was already set up when I started to use it and that was fine for me. But now, time to commit... and I get a nice error popup saying that "This client is too old to work with working copy" (error message is pretty clear).

So what to do ? well,  for sure not what I did : install the latest subclipse version (1.8.x) without checking first the SVN server version. In fact, i should have install the 1.6.x subclipse plugin.

I then tried to install the 1.6.x version via the update site, but I guess that after that my RAD setup didn't like to have both subclipse version installed...

RAD 7.0.x doesn't make it easy to uninstall plugins, so here's what I did to fix it and have 1.6 subclipse plugin working :
  • Shut down RAD
  • Move all thee org.tigris.something jars and folders out of the plugins eclipse directory. That made both 1.6.x and 1.8.x versions not to work.
  • Restart RAD
  • Use the following item menu to check what's really missing : Help / Software updates / Manage configuration

  • From there I was able to 
    • Disable 1.8.x version (still don't know how to remove it entirely though)
    • Diagnose what jars were missing to make the 1.6.x work fine : before I put the right jars back to the plugin directory, the corresponding items were flagged with a red cross in the above snapshot (just like a java compilation problem). Using the Display properties link helped me to retrieve the "good" jars and make the red cross disappear.
What made this a bit painful was that I had to restart RAD workspace after each item fix : fix JNA library by replacing the jar > restart RAD > check that red cross disappeared > see cwhat's nex jar missing > fix xxx library ... > ...
Without restarting in between each fix, my workspace would crash. 

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